Saturday, March 31, 2012


Every once in a century, my sense of style takes a curve away from my current trend. At this moment, a T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of cute flats is all I need to feel put together. But I can feel my likes moving away from the standard t-shirts, you know the ones where there's some sort of vintage picture or word splayed across it or just a plain crew neck. Right now I'm starting to feel . . .bohemian.

I did the bohemian look when I was younger, and my brother-in-law said I "liked to dress like Pocahontas". I take no offense from that. But I'm starting to swing back to it again. I would really love one of those maxi skirts in an earthy tone, and I would pair it with coral or turquoise, and my new brown and bronze metallic sandals. My husband has no idea how to handle this sudden style change. I found the cutest pair of turquoise sandals, and he was aghast with horror that I would wear something so "garish." Sometimes, husbands are just too funny.

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Kristy said...

It's coming back in style!!