Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Raining Hedgehogs

*snort, sniff, snort, grump*
     My pet hedgehog, Siegfried, is probably one of the cutest hedgehogs that exists. You might be asking yourself, what does a hedgehog even do? Well, mine huffs and puffs and pokes with his little toothpick spines, and licks things and chews things and puts spit on himself in a process quaintly called, "self-anointing". The best times are when he comes out of his protective cocoon of spines and looks at you with his clear, bright eyes and snuffles and licks his snout.

He'll only eat cat food, which is what they are fed while in captivity, but promises of a happy hedgehog nomming on grapes or other delicious treats have never really come true in this household. Until they do, I'm going to hold him, and talk to him, and snort back at him because of his rotten little attitude.  

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