Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eclectic = Me

A little after I earned my degree, I began to read as ravenously as I had before. In the time it took to get my degree, I was more or less relinquishing personal reading time for studying, labs, and group work, and right as I finished my degree, I was so burned out on words, I couldn't think of what I could possibly want to do with any sort of book. Thankfully, I'm back to my old self again, and reading like crazy.

One of two that I have finished today: Queen By Right, by Anne Easter Smith. The story of one King Edward, who had rights to King Henry's throne after his father was killed, because his father was heir apparent on the non-Lancastrian side. The story is told in his mother's words, revealing a strong, intelligent voice. Very good, but I cannot help but be a little curious: what of a book depicting an every day woman, perhaps intelligent, but having to pretend otherwise in such a time as those?

 Book Two: Belly Laughs, by Jenny McCarthy. A book written from the viewpoint of a mother who bares all when it comes to pregnancy, from weight gain to cravings, Psycho Chick to Blue Twinkies, all of it for our reading pleasure. Personally, I'm glad I read it, because when I finally do become a mother, there will be far less indignation. I mean, COME ON! EVERY PREGNANT WOMAN KNOWS THESE THINGS AND YET NO ONE WARNS THE NEWBIES!?!?!?!11!!

Last but not least, my newest acquisition: Just Friends, by Robyn Sisman. Good so far!

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Kristy said...

Yay, I'm glad you're reading again!