Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Geek Girl is Annoyed

Yes, work is still fantastic; I actually look forward to going to work, and I'm glad Friday is rolling around because I have a five hour shift. I'm still annoyed that my coworkers have seemed to decide they don't like me. I'm not part of their clique. I tried a bit more today to get them talking, but then I realized, they seriously could care less about me. I had last Friday off so I could enjoy my one year anniversary, and they have yet to ask me how it went. At first, I wanted them to talk to me because it's nice to have friends at work. It's nice to chat while you're doing things. Then, I wanted them to be friendly because I was feeling hurt and insecure.

Now I'm just pissed. Get ready for Geek Girl 2.0: the girl who doesn't actually give a damn, thank you very much, and could you please stop talking to me? I'm listening to music, obviously, and you're annoying me.

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Kristy said...

So weird!! That's how it is at my work, but I actually hate my job making it that much worse. But seriously, mean girls up in my job!!! I hope it gets better for you. At least you'll be getting your degree to actually become a librarian and they'll still be paper pushers. ;)