Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Position on Snuggies

Mine is pink-n-brown plaid

We've all seen the extremely lame commercials advertising the wonders of Snuggies: the blanket that was invented to cover you and leave your arms free. Basically, the backwards bathrobe. I once wanted very badly a bed comforter with the same idea: cover me and my bed, but have little armholes so I can read in bed and not have to bundle under the covers with a flashlight when I'm cold (my bedroom gets poor ventilation; in the summer, it stays pretty warm and in the winter it gets dang cold). Anywho, after the general census was in (i.e., Snuggies are lame), I didn't really see myself as wanting one. And then Christmas came. My birthday came first at the beginning of December, and I received my Nook. It's as though my mother and mother-in-law talked, because for Christmas my mother-in-law presented me with a homemade Snuggie.
And like that, my opinion changed. I tried it on that day, and did not take it off. I wear it when I'm watching movies at my house; I wear it when I'm reading on the couch. I use it to cover myself when I take naps. It has become my all-purpose comfie blanket. Do I look weird? Probably. Would I "raise the roof" in it? Never. Will I defend its viability as a product? Yesiree-bob.

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Kristy said...

I got one for Christmas and I love it! Except when I need to get up to go to another room and my back is exposed lol. But it keeps you super warm!