Monday, February 7, 2011

Morning Breakfast

Not my dog, but who can resist THAT FACE?

Tic-tack. . . tic-tack. . .tic-tack. . . tic-tack-tic-tack-tic-tack.

I was eating a sausage biscuit for breakfast this morning, when the above noise interrupted my e-mail checking/Google reading. My dog, Sophie, was slowly sneaking up on me, in the hopes of getting close enough to beg with big, brown puppy dog eyes for my breakfast. Unfortunately, her plans to do so ninja-style were thwarted by the fact that her nails make a distinctive staccato on my apartment's wooden floors. I caught her in the act of trying to get closer, and forcefully told her no. Sophie doesn't really take no for an answer. She usually blinks at me with her big ol' eyes until I give in. However, I don't feed my dog anything that is even mildly spicy because her stomach would not feel so good afterward, so I remained firm. Still, her antics made my morning.