Thursday, August 26, 2010

Orson Again

I recently finished an anthology of science fiction short stories put together by Orson Scott Card and it was amazing. I love short stories, especially science fiction, so I was glad when I finished my books and could read my husband's. Lol. The book, Intergalactic Medicine Show, was compiled to give readers a taste of the online magazine of the same name, once again headed by Card. I can't wait until my husband reads the book, so we can chat about our favorite stories, two of which I have already chosen. One is a re-make of the story of Uther Pendragon, from a much different perspective, with a bit of a dark twist. The other is very short, but I liked the overall feel, and the little twist. It definitely had a ring of truth to it.

Well, until my hubs reads it, and unless YOU read it, you'll have to wait for more elaboration on the stories. Until then!


Kristy said...

Would I be interested in this? lol

Mad Men Girl said...

Pssst... come over to my blog!