Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Commercials Misleading: Who Knew?

Like any TV viewer, I run into the occasional commercial. There's always one that talks about how great the "actual customer's" mattress is; how they used to wake up with bad backs and sore necks. I never woke up with a bad back. Sometimes my neck was sore. Usually my hips or shoulders hurt, but I never put much stock into their claims that the right mattress could solve my sleep problems. The tossing and turning; the need to nap throughout the day.
But the new mattress I bought with my husband is amazing. I've had the best nights sleep on it; it's so soft and comfortable, perfectly plush, and I have felt energized and revitalized in the mornings and throughout my days. If you're tired all day, seriously, invest in a new mattress.

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Kristy said...

UGH now I want a new bed!!!