Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beach Bumming It

Yesterday, we all went to the beach, my fiance and I, the in-laws, and some friends of the family. One of my SO's brothers who is visiting from Utah has been seriously beach deprived, so the family has been going more than usual.

They packed up everything: food, soda, s'mores, chairs, roasting sticks, towels - while I was at work. And then we all hopped in two cars and high-tailed it out there. It was already evening, so there was no brutal sun. The wind, however, whipped my hair all over the place and blew sand into my eyes. I don't like the ocean water, considering I can't see what's coming at me, so I sat in a chair and watched the other kiddos swim out almost farther than I could see. Every once in a while, I caught sight of a patch of dark hair bobbing up from the waves, or a pale head, but that was it.

Eventually, my SO and I went climbing about on the dunes, hopping and skipping over grasses and sticks and left over detritus. I fell down one dune, getting sand in my eyes anytime I moved afterward. I actually love the dunes, though. We had a lot of fun. When we came back from our excursion, a small fire was just beginning. Eventually, it was large enough to roast hot dogs over. Unfortunately, someone left all condiments but mayonnaise behind, so I tried my best to eat one with mayo. It was so gross to me, I lost most of my appetite.

There was also watermelon, a great beach/summer-time snack. This watermelon was weirdly orange. I called it radioactive, but it was pretty yummy. There were s'mores to be roasted, but as I am not a big fan of marshmallows, especially on a windy beach wear gooey stuff flies into your hair, I merely ate a graham cracker with chocolate. Still delicious. We had to suddenly pack up and leave when the night tide came in, soaking our feet, seeping into our little fire, and pooling beneath the cars.

It was definitely a good time: I was, however, exhausted, considering my early and long hours at work, so I went home a little earlier than usual to get some sleep. Sadly, the sun was not up when I awoke this morning. In my opinion, if the sun isn't up, I shouldn't be either. Work would have been a little angry if I went back to sleep, though.

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Kristy said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't been to the beach all summer, but I'm not a beach type person, sadly.