Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Endless Series'

As a fantasy book lover, I am well-acquainted with the "endless series." The stories wrapped in books sometimes as thick as 1,000 pages, novels that continue the stories into the 20th and 30th book. If you find the right ones, you can easily become addicted, waiting anxiously for the next, which sometimes won't come for years. Such is the way of it with the Mercedes Thompson series. I've blogged about a couple of her books, and just completed the next in line: Silver Borne.

Of course, she's back to being in trouble, after having borrowed a book from a half-fae in the last novel. The fae want it back, and they aren't stopping at much to get it, considering that it can be found easily in one of two ways: by fire or by death. The fae have never been known for their great appreciation of those so lowly as the non-fae, even a shape-shifter like Mercy, so Mercy's fighting for her life. To top off all of her troubles, her old friend Samuel is not himself-literally. After trying to commit suicide, this werewolf's wolf side decides to take over in order to insure survival, but as everyone knows, wolves are not cute little puppies, and werewolves are wolves' more dangerous cousins.

I loved this book, and read it every chance I got. Because it's the semester's end at my university, I couldn't read it as often as I wanted, so it took me nearly three days to finish, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Mercy is back to her awesome self, investigating her way through the complicated maze of fae and werewolf worlds. The way in which Briggs has built up such a rich other-world right beside our very own makes for some fascinating reading, as you view her intricate take on the whole werewolf/vampire/fae/Other storyline. It's not just spitting out the same old, same old. And as for the characters, they're changing in the way any true human would; showing their true colors, hiding others, and always shifting your viewpoint of who they really are and what part they play in the grand scheme of things in the series.

Once again, I will probably have to wait to read yet another installment. Cross your fingers I'll get to see it before next year!

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Kristy said...

How many books are in this series so far? It sounds good, I might pick it up!