Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Covers

I know, two blogs in one day. But I forgot to mention my absolute love of these nifty little book covers by Vera Bradley (who also makes prints, bags, and other cute stuff). It all started when I visited my mother and saw an adorable quilt-like printed "notebook" only to find that it was a book cover, not a notebook! I got so excited over it *blush* that my mom actually gave it to me. She said she thought it was pretty, but she was nowhere near as ecstatic over it as I was.

Basically, it works as a book cover should. It lets you slip the front and back cover of a paperback book into little pockets , and it even has a ribbon bookmark. The cover protects your book from getting bent whilst traveling in your bag, or keeps crumbs from attaching to the unprotected soft shell, or - in my case- takes away the need to dog-ear pages. I love it, and use it on all my smaller paperback books. My only problem with it is that it only fits one size, small. A lot of my paperbacks and none of my hard-backs could possibly fit. But, it is tres adorable!