Friday, August 14, 2009

Online Shopping

I love to shop online. It's convenient, fast, and you find things you might never find in stores. Today was my payday. W00t! And it was a good paycheck. I've worked hard this semester to make an A in my class, and I've worked hard at my job to make a good paycheck. So, I thought I'd peruse the great and unique online store, Etsy, for two things that I've been yearning for forever. A beanie and a necklace.

One thing about shopping and I, I must love what I am getting. It is much the same for online shopping, only more so, for some strange reason. I can't look at an item, think it's "kinda cute" and put it in my shopping cart. I must look at it, and think "OMG! MUST HAVE!"

That doesn't stop me from talking myself out of items once I've put them in my cart. That's where my big sister comes in. For one thing, she does not ever tell me to save my money, which is something that is always going on in the back of my head, "Save Your Money, Save Your Money, Save Your Money. . .". I also trust her sense of fashion. We may not always agree on what looks good, but if I'm not too sure about something, I ask her, and she'll give me an opinion, and I'll take it into account, but if my mind is still telling me that the purchase is too freaking cute, or "So Me" I'll buy it, or ask for it for a Birthday/Christmas. Such was the way with my beloved Uggs. I couldn't see myself spending that much money, but I adored them. My sister had not jumped on the cute boot train yet, so she would say they were ugly, but I listened, and then ignored her advice. Christmas rolled around, and I got a pair from my dear big sister, whom herself was sporting a sweet pair. I still wear those boots, even in these summer days when I know I'm going to spend time in a highly air conditioned building, despite the fact that the heat index at the moment here has gotten to at least 103.

So today I went shopping, and I got what I was looking for. One thing about me: I often know what I want when I go looking, to a T, and so often I don't buy because nothing fits all of my criteria.

Meet Exhibit A: a beanie in my favorite shade of gray, crocheted, with kitty ears. (the picture shows it as black, but the one I ordered was a soft gray).

And Exhibit B: A sterling silver skull and crossbones necklace with a few crystals (the picture shows one with more crystals than the one I got. I do not go overboard with my crystals, mmmkay?). I'm in love with pirate lore and all things piratey, so this seemed made for me. Piratey, yet feminine. Score for me!

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Kristy said...

Yay! I love shopping!!!

Now if ONLY I can bring myself to buy the MUST HAVE Hello Kitty iPhone case!