Monday, October 12, 2009

Dollars For Debbie

Not too long ago, I ran into an old friend of mine and his mom at a Time Out for Women event (Google that, if you're curious). It was cool to catch up with him about his wife and kids, and to see his mom again, who was taking video with her digital camera. He was giving information out about his website company, and it's definitely cool. An online journalling site, and when you're done, you can order your journal to be printed, bound in leather, with your name scrolled into the cover for a reasonable price. Very cool. They even include any pictures you might upload onto your journal.

Well, I found out recently that my friend's mom, Debbie, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. So, my friend put together a site for her, for anyone to donate to help with any costs. They only ask for one dollar, although I'm positive they would not mind if you gave more. This is a chance to help someone and her family in their time of need, if only in the monetary sense. Trust me, they don't need that stress on top of that. So, go check out Dollars for Debbie. I promise, you won't regret the donation.

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