Thursday, June 4, 2009


As those who have read my past posts know, I am a huge fan of the Discovery Channel. It is always on in my apartment, so I hear all the new shows going on.

Now, before I detail the newest in Discovery Channel learning, let me explain a bit about myself. I have several phobias, one of which is the ocean. I do not like not being able to see what's under the water (and therefore probably headed right for me); I do not like crazy undertows and rip tides that wish to pull me under or out and drown me; I do not like the scary predators that lurk in the depths. Other bodies of water are fine. I'm perfectly fine in a swimming pool. I enjoy lakes and rivers. Until now.

River Monsters is a brand-spanking new show on the Discovery Channel, and it details the monsters that no one knew were lurking in the depths and along the banks of calm rivers and placid lakes. Giant Alligator Gars and humongous catfish and goodness knows what else. Bodies of water? Slowly becoming a bigger phobia for me. Thanks River Monsters!

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Kristy said...

We watched a River Monsters show the other day on Bull Sharks, and they have the ability to be in both salt and fresh water, and are now finding their ways many many many miles upstream, and attacking and killing people! They will bump your kayak and knock you out of it! Only pools for me, thanks!