Friday, November 14, 2008

Urban Shaman

I've noticed a pattern in the books that I lean toward when I'm really wanting a good read. I end up with the urban fantasy genre most of the time. Oh sure I go for more traditional fantasy as well. For instance, one of my favorite authors is Julliet Mariller. I loved her Seven Waters trilogoy, which I just discovered has another book out, which I am totally psyched about. Anywho, I've basically finished my newest urban fantasy book: Urban Shaman, by C.E Murphy. This book was amazing. I loved it. The heroine is totally likable, and her powers are amazing, and the way the author describes the universe from a shamanistic point of view was really transcendant. Definitely worth the read! Sadly, I can't really offer a synopses because there are so many stories and twists and such that it's really more of go-see-for-yourself kind of book. Enjoy!

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Kristy said...

Hey sister... so the layout I got for my blog... there is a link up at the left right hand side (j/k).. the left hand side at the top of my blog... they have tons! I hope you like them.